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Homer Memorial Hospital Offers
Support for Cancer Patients

Homer Memorial Hospital partnering with the Rural Hospital Coalition and Feist-Weiller Cancer Center at LSU Shreveport is offering a new program that provides support for cancer patients.

This program is funded by a federal grant and will provide group therapy for cancer patients.

The sessions will be from 4-5 pm on the second Thursday of each month at Homer Memorial Hospital.  These sessions will be led by an experienced therapist from the cancer center and will be free of charge. The next session is September 13, 2012.

When first diagnosed, cancer patientsí lives are thrown into a whirlwind of information, decisions and emotions.

These sessions will give cancer patients the opportunity to talk about their lives, to learn how to cope with a potentially life-threatening illness, and to receive help from, and to give help to others who truly understand the daily challenges of living with cancer.

The goals of the cancer support groups are:
1)      Building bonds.
2)      Expressing emotions.
3)      Detoxifying death and dying.
4)      Redefining life priorities.
5)      Increasing the support of families and friends.
6)      Improving the doctor-patient relationship.
7)      Improving coping skills.
Patients from Claiborne Parish and several other rural locations will join with the professionals at the cancer center in Shreveport through the use of tele-conferencing equipment at Homer Memorial Hospital to participate in this unique cancer therapy session without having to drive to Shreveport.

Call Adrienne Willis at (318) 927-1400 to schedule an appointment.  Remember there is no charge.

Free Cancer Screening at HMH every fourth Thursday of the Month.
Homer Memorial Hospital will be conducting free breast cancer screening mammograms on this day. To qualify, you must be 40 years of age or older, no insurance or very high deductible and not had a mammogram within one year. Call Adrienne Willis at 318-927-1400 for an appointment. These services are paid for by a federal grant.


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